Parallel Donuts

シモダヨウジ – オリジナルソフビ【CAPTURE.】が完成しました。

『mograg gallery』と『中空工房』のコラボソフビシリーズ “Parallel Donuts” によるもので、
完成に伴い、2021年8月・御徒町『mograg gallery』と、東京駅構内『VINYL』の2会場にて、

2会場のハシゴ鑑賞にて CAPTURE. の世界を感じていただけたら嬉しいです。

mograg gallery
■展示日程 2021.7/24(土) 〜 08/15(日)
■OPEN /13:00-20:00 ■CLOSE /月曜日
〒111-0041 東京都台東区元浅草1-5-1
TEL : 03-5830-7647

VINYL gallery
■展示日程 2021.8/5(木) ~ 08/18(水)
■OPEN / 9:00-21:30 土・日・祝 9:00-21:00 ■会期中無休
〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1
JR東京駅構内 グランスタ東京 1F VINYL内
TEL : 03-6269-9300

※mograg WEBSHOP・kenele store にて、それぞれの限定ソフビ通販開始されました

mograg WEBSHOP / mograg 限定ver.
kenele store / VINYL 限定ver.



CAPTURE. [ mograg 限定 ver. ]


CAPTURE. [ VINYL 限定 ver. ]

Mograg gallery, a gallery that advocates Japanese lowbrow art and has developed its own network of artists, is now teaming up with Chuku Kobo for a new project. Chuku Kobo is a factory for sofvi (soft vinyl toys) belonging to Japanese toy manufacturer Kenelephant whose motto is “make the world a fun place”. Together we’ll bring you a series of sofvi that opens up new possibilities.

In our very first exhibition, we’ll launch three collaborations. Chuku Kobo transforms 2D characters, created by three highly unique artists that mograg endorses, into high-quality 3D sofvi toys. These designer toys will be shown in two separate exhibition venues and every piece is purchasable. You might also find exclusive items such as limited color, one-off products painted by featured artists’ own hands, original art goods and merchandise associated with each character’s vibrant narrative.

We hope you enjoy the sofvi from Parallel Donuts as lowbrow artworks that make your everyday life more entertaining or simply as toys that you can touch, look at and treasure.